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hürmüz & her 7 husbands musical

      Hurmuz who lives in Taskasap, Istanbul has six husbands in a plot to solve her economic problems. She arranges to meet each of her husbands one day of the week. However, suddenly, she falls in love with the town's doctor whom she meets at her husband's barber shop. The doctor falls in love with her aswell shortly after. But, one night all six husbands come home at the same time, and Hurmuz and Safinaz (Hurmuz's "go- between/accomplice/friend") - find themselves in a series of very awkward yet funny situations.

meet the cast

İbrahim Yazıcı


Born in Istanbul. Upon completing high school, moved to New York in 1988. He met with theater for the first time at Sariyer Public Training Center of Youth Theater. Attended drama classes at Queens College. Took part in many theater plays. While taking some of his theater projects on a tour in the US, Mr. Yazici also took part in various television and film productions. He is the founding director of TAASNY and Calikusu is his 7th play. He has taken some of his theather plays, such as Kanli Nigar, Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyasi, and Kesanli Ali Destani to Broadway. He has been the first person to put on a children’s musical on stage in the United States. The children’s musical Flying Man (Ucan Adam) has been staged in 15 elementary schools, thereby exposing 15 thousand American children to a play by a Turkish Playwriter. He has staged the traditional Turkish shadow play of Karagoz-Hacivat at American Institutions for numerous times. While his career has started as an actor he has since successfully directed plays such as Calikusu. Mr. Yazici ascribes to the mission of introducing and vitalizing Turkish Arts and Culture abroad through theater.

Hakan Dündar

Set Designer

Hakan Dundar graduated in 1989 from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, in the Faculty of Fine Arts  Stage Design Department. In 1991, he began working as a "stage designer" for the Turkish State Theaters (TST). Hakan has been involved in a number of international projects where he as worked as artistic director for movies and TV and designed stage costumes, masks and puppets for more than 200 plays. Hakan was the first Turkish designer invited to the World Stage Design (WSD) exhibition in Toronto, Canada in 2005. In March 2006, he was the first and only Turkish designer invited as guest of honor to display and present his works and designs at the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) conference. In March 2011, Hakan was invited provide workshops on the puppet making techniques of Karagoz, presention on the history of costumes from the Ottoman times to the present and the western influences in a conference organized by USITT.  He also won the visitor children's special prize for curating the Turkish pavilion in the Prag Quadrennial. Hakan continues to work as a designer at the TST.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Art and has held the title of Technical Director of Art for the TST for the past 6 seasons since 2007.

Oğuzhan Ulutaş

Technical Director / Mehmet Ali Çavuş

He was born in New York. He graduated from “The Fame School”, Laguardia H.S. of Performing Arts, in the conservatory drama program in New York. Since he was eight, he had a role in various productions and graduated among the top seven in his high school class. He has also graduated from Computer Science and Computer Engineering from New York University. He also was a stage manager in the “Turkish American Play Festivals” between 2011 to 2013. He also had a roles in previous TAASNY productions, also technically directing TAASNY's last production: Calikusu. As for now, he is countinuing his love for theatre by working behind the scenes in the current production, “Hurmuz & Her 7 Husbands Musical”.

Shieri Yamafuji

Choreographer / Dancer

Shieri "Shelly" Yamafuji is originally from Japan. She began dancing Ballet, Jazz and Street dance at the age of 8. She came to NYC in 2011 to further her performance career. She worked with the Martial Arts performance company Samurai Sword Soul for 6 years. She has also performed with various artists and choreographed numerous pieces. After graduating from Peridance Capezio Center, she received her artist visa and now performs regularly throughout the city. She is an avid bellydancer as well as a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor.

Dilek Aba

Hürmüz / Art Director

She was born Istanbul. Studied music at Anatolian Art High School. Plays piano and flute. After graduating she got accepted to Istanbul University State Conservatory with major in Opera. After studying two years she transferred to Musical Theater and Drama. In 2002 with her four friends from conservatory, she attended the Eurosivion Song Contest  in Turkey after becoming the finalists, they represented Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia. In 2006 she started working for Theater Kedi, she played several productions, such as Casablanca, Pinchpenny Phantom of the Opera, The Bourgeois Gentleman, The Wedding of Figaro, The Wren and A Midsummer Nights Dream. She got the “Lions Youth Talent Award” with her role in Pinchpenny Phantom of the Opera and she was nominated to  “Best Supporting Actress in Comedy” for Sadri Alisik  Theater Award in 2007. Her TV and movie credits include, Love Triangle with Ay Productions and Last Stop Salvation with BKM Productions.  In 2012 she moved to New York and studied two years at HB Studio for  focusing on Hagen technique and Meisner technique. She also got her Hagen Teacher Training education at HB Studio. In 2013 she joined TAASNY and she played Feride in “The Wren”.

Deniz Türkan


Born in Istanbul, Deniz has been living in New York for three years. She's been acting since 1992 in theater plays and television shows. In Turkey, she has played in various theaters such as Levent Kirca & Oya Basar Theater, Koza Theater, Gamsiz Cabaret, Fuaye Actors. She'a taken parts in various plays including children’s plays. In addition to taking parts in TV commercials and acting roles in TV series, she's portrayed various character roles on the famous TV Show; "Olacak O Kadar". Before coming to the US, she has performed on stage at Cahide Cabaret Club for five years. She continues to take acting parts at TAASNY, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, and New Dance Alliance. In addition, in September 2014 she took the leading role in the Turkish American joint short film production; MELISSA. She's also stepped into the American TV scene with her role in the TV series named "Elementary". Aside from acting, she has prepared a comedy show called "Havalideniz" for New York Radio; "Radyo Turkum".

Ayşen Darcan


Born in Istanbul. Completed her undergraduate degree in Counseling Psychology at Bogazici University. Completed her masters and doctorate degrees in Counseling Psychology at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Has been living in New York for 14 years. Has her own private practice in New York as a psychologist. In addition, continues to take roles as staff psychologist, supervising psychologist, lecturer, and consultant at various colleges and universities such as NYU, Pace, Fordham, Barnard, and JTS-Columbia University.  Has been taking classes in improvisational theater and story telling since 2006. Has performed at People’s Improv Theater (PIT), and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Has been writing short stories and essays, and has published at various magazines. She was also in TAASNY's previous production: "Calikusu".

Uğur Özışık

The Barber

Born in Istanbul on February 14, 1957. Lived in Ankara. Attended A.D.M.M Faculty. Worked at Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. On May 10, 1982, he was appointed to the New York Consulate General as a contracted employee. In December 1991, he was appointed to the Montreal Civil Aviation Organization for the Turkish Mission, and worked there for two years. His articles were published at various magazines and newspapers. He took an acting part in the play called Resimli Osmanli Tarihi (Ottoman History in Pictures). While thinking he has been through his years of official education, he continues his life in New York still learning.

Levent Urhan

Immortal Reis

Born in Istanbul, in 1976 he is a tourism and hotel administration graduate from Izmir University.  He has worked with one of the known entertainment moguls in Turkey: Besim Kazado. He’s been in many managerial positions in hotels and facilities throughout Turkey, Phuket and Miami. During the years of 2005-2007, he’s worked as a vocalist to one of the biggest superstars in Turkey: Ajda Pekkan. He’s had some small roles in Television shows and films, and is glad to be part of “Hurmuz and Her 7 Husbands” team.

Ahmet Serdar Eker

Gatekeeper Memo

He was born in 1983 in Mersin, Turkey. He’s been active in many branches of sports for many years. He has taken parts as a dancer and a musician at various European festivals since his college years. In 2010 decided to move to New York from Istanbul, and lived here since then. Has been working as a Physical Education Teacher at British International School of New York in Manhattan. Has been working as a swimming instructor as well.  

Ümran Ünlü

The Mother

She was born on January 10th, 1951 in Afyon’s village of Üclerkayasi. She received acting training for two years at the Kadıköy Halk Eğitim Deneme Sahnesi. She was in plays like Savaş Oyunu (War Game) and Kına Gecesi (Henna Night). She also had roles in the theaters of AKM, Haldun Taner, Kadıköy, Mecidiyeköy, and Sarıyer. Came to the US in 1999. She continued her Turkish Art Music and theater work in the US. She wrote plenty of children’s stories in many websites and magazines. Also writes as a columnist for the newspapers; Turkish News and Frighaber. At the moment she is writing the book “Bir Yerlerden Başlamalıyım” ( I Need To Start From Somewhere) and the play “Ah Amerika.”  Her theater credits include Turkish play “Keşanlı Ali Destanı”, "To Love...", and TAASNY's previous production: "Calikusu".

Gonca Kartal


Gonca was born and raised in Turkey.  She studied Business Administration at Bilkent University and then moved to the USA where she continued her studies, earning an MBA degree from Rutgers University in NJ.  Following her graduate studies, Gonca began her professional life in the financial services industry. Currently, she works at JPMC in the Finance department. Gonca dances Argentine tango and has been involved in several dance productions in various roles. As a performing arts aficionado, Gonca accidentally stumbled into Calikusu's,TAASNY's previous production's, rehearsals.   Performing in Calikusu was Gonca's first acting experience. She's hoping, that acting in "Hürmüz & Her Husbands Musical" will help overcome her shyness.

Aysun Scott


Born in Istanbul. Worked in the organization industry for many years. In addition to

the professional dance background, took part in the movie called “Only Sun Was The 

Witness” in 1994. Also took part in film commercials. Has been residing in New York for the last five years. Loves arts and dancing. Due to her interest in theater, she is having her first theater experience with the "Hurmuz and Her 7 Husbands" team.

Özgen Çalışır


 Ozgen was born in Istanbul in 1981. During his primary education, he was fond of folk   dances. Starting his high school years, Ozgen became interested in performing arts. He acted in   various plays staged by the Bakirkoy Municipal Theater in Istanbul. At the same time, he took   modern dance classes at Yildiz Technical University. Later, he moved to Baku, the capital of   Azerbaijan to get his college degree. He graduated from Baku City University with a major in   International Relations and Business. Ozgen has been living in New York State for last three   years. He was also in TAASNY's previous production: "Calikusu". He has joined the "Hurmuz & Her 7 Husbands Musical" cast and is aiming to advance his acting career working with them.

Rotem Pilosoph


Rotem Pilosoph is a 29-year-old actress from Israel, currently living in New York City. During her conservatory acting for film studies at the New York Film Academy, she became acquainted with special acting skills such as Improvisation, Meisner, Voice & Movement as well as Combat for Film. She appeared in several music videos, short films and was part of the cast for an episode of the FOX TV Series,"The Following“. For the upcoming feature film "Ambition’s Debt“, she played the part of a female soldier. Her next projects include two feature films and a documentary film all to be released nationwide. Before her move to New York, Rotem performed as a dancer for 7 years in Israel specializing in oriental belly dancing and jazz.

Kala Fuenmayor


Kala is a recent graduate of the MA Acting (International) program at East 15/University of Essex. While in London she performed the principal roles of Valentine in Two Gentlemen of Verona (Cockpit Theatre) and Third Witch in Macbeth (Globe Theatre) among others. Her previous dance credits include solo and ensemble work with Stars of the Universe and Toronto Dance Life in Canada. Kala is extremely happy and thankful to be a part of the Hurmuz team; as it is her artistic commitment to bring audiences culturally diverse stage works.

Namie Araki


Namie Araki, originally from Yokohama Japan, started dancing at the age of 15. She specialized in Hip Hop and danced with various artist in Japan. She came to NYC a month ago, And this is her debut on the American stage.



Graduated from Osaka University of Arts ( major in Performing Arts,) and studied dance with Jyu Horiuchi, Taeko Kanashige, and Kiyoko Kato. After she came to the United States, she studied contemporary jazz dance with Katiti King and Antolino Alvarez, and she has certified in Simonson Contemporary Jazz Dance with Lynn Simonson. She appeared as a dancer in the music video of Cyndi Lauper, and Virtual Dance Video, and also as a model in the Pilates program of Fuji Sankei TV in the US. She works with various choreographer and dancers Azul Dance Theater, Silva Dance company and she also works with Danielle Lima.

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